Mexico is widely known for its rich food and drinks culture, prepared on the standard countertop, and the chocolate’s origin. The country also contains famous tourist attractions like Mayan temples and has one of the world’s unique agricultural systems. But Mexico also has a place of recognition in the world’s sports sector as sports is an integral part of Mexico’s culture. The country has produced globally famous athletes such as Hugo Sanchez Marquez, Carlos Gracida Liceaga, and Fernando Valenzuela Anguamea, who’ve gained many international awards. Learn about some of the most popular Mexico sports.

1.  Soccer

Soccer, also known as association football and called “Fútbol” in Mexico, is the most popular North American country sport, widely watched and played. The British, who started the Orizaba athletic club in 1898, brought the game to Mexico. Though initially, cricket was the club’s original sport but soon enough, they also began the soccer team in 1901. This same year, the Real del Monte company Cornish workers officially founded the Pachuca Athletic club. And even though many Mexicans practice the sport, it gains prominence in the central and northern Mexico regions. The teams usually come from Mexico City, Guadalajara, Pachuca, and Monterrey. Famous football players from the country include Rafael Márquez, Hugo Sánchez, and Jared Borgetti.

2.  Boxing

Boxing is the second most popular sport in Mexico and the most popular individual sport. The country is one of the essential boxing countries globally. Its boxers have won thirteen Olympic medals and is second to the United States in the number of world champions produced. The current world best boxer, Canelo Álvarez, is from the country and has been able to conquer an impressive fifty matches from the fifty-five fights he’s has taken. Also, world-famous boxers Rubén Olivares, Julio César are from the country. You can watch boxing in many places and even compete in the country, and notably in the capital city, Mexico City.

3.  Baseball

While soccer is the most popular Mexico sport, baseball is also relatively popular in the country, which has two significant leagues, the northern and southern leagues, which play seasonal schedules like the United States.  However, the sport is a little more popular on the United States border, and port countries since the United States Americans Soldiers stationed in Mexico brought the sport to the regions. Many US best baseball players are from Mexico, and the joint recruitment across the border is a unifying factor. Most baseball stadiums in Mexico are medium-sized, and only a few of the matches get broadcast on the television.

4.  Charrería

The list of top Mexico sports would be incomplete without the country’s national sport, which is Charrería. Charrería came from the ranch and animal handling contests of colonial Mexico and which led to the creation of the American rodeos. Notably, it was founded in the sixteenth century when Spanish Vanquishers brought horses and cattle to the Americas.

This Mexico sport comes with formality and adoration, and it includes skilled-bases competitions and activities like skillful cattle roping, horse riding, and gifted horsemanship. The most notable event is the charreada, a rodeo’s style; it was developed in Mexico to maintain the charro practices. Mexico’s national horse is the Azteca, a horse breed from Mexico with excellent muscles and solid color.


The oldest Mexico’s game is the mesoamerican ballgame while bullfighting, fronton are some of the olden and traditional games in Mexico that have stood the test of time and are still in practice today. For example, the bullfighting is still legal, and there are approximately two hundred and twenty-five bull rings in Mexico in both leather cities and small towns.  Mexico sports are part of what bring Mexicans together regardless of their various fans.