Are you planning to visit Mexico?

Whether you’re a spring breaker, a free-spirited wanderer, or an intrepid traveler down for some good time in 2021, there’re famous festivals in Mexico you’d love to explore.

You’ll never get bored in Mexico. Known for its delicious food, rich culture, and over joyous citizens, people from all parts of the world take a trip here to experience the Mexican appeal.


What perfect way to oblige than attending their festivals? Indeed! Mexicans festivals are fun and worth your time and money.

Have a look at the upcoming festivals in Mexico and choose the preferred festivals that you want to be involved in on your next vacation here.

8 Popular Mexican festivals to Explore in 2021

Apart from beauty, Mexico offers much more, and these eight festivals prove that well. Probe carefully into each and remember to save your dates baus, honestly, you don’t want to miss either of them.

Here’re some fun festivals in Mexico you’d love to explore on your next trip to this beautiful country with a lovely culture:

  • Semana Santa
  • Dia de los Muertos
  • Carnival in Mazatlan, Veracruz, and Merida
  • Las Posadas
  • Son Jarocho Music Festival
  • Ollin Kan festival
  • Guelaguetza Festival
  • Cinco de Mayo
  1. Semana Santa

Semana Santa is one of the popular fun-filled festivals in Spain, Mexico. It usually kicks off a week before Easter (commonly referred to as the Holy Week).

With a blend of merry-makings and peaceful religious rituals coupled with fireworks and reenactments, it’s celebrated with full enthusiasm like no other. During such celebrations, carnivals are a must.

And so, Mazatlan carnival, which lasts for five days, is a grand affair that brings lots of people together.

Date: 5-11 April

  • Dia de los Muertos

Also known as the day of the innocents or all souls day, Dia de Los Muertos is a festival performed on the 1st and 2nd of November in honor of both children and adults who have perished. Both celebrations occur throughout México.

During this day, friends and families gather to celebrate their loved ones, regularly taking flowers and sweets and privately celebrating at home in honor of the deceased and visiting the graveyards.

As per traditions, gravestones are cleaned up, and gifts such as the marigold flower and sugar skulls left there to spark up the gravestones. The sugar skull (Calaveras de azucar) symbolizes both death and rebirth.

Date: 2nd November

  • Carnival in Mazatlan, Veracruz, and Merida

In Mexico, the Carnival festive season is a colorful and exuberant affair with Veracruz, Merida, and Mazatlan known for their energetic festivities. Music and parades also entice many visitors every year.

Mexican carnivals consist of street parades with dancers dressed in beautifully decorated floats and clothing. They also feature perpetual music entertainment varying from modern to traditional music.

There are also foods and drink stalls along the carnival route and stages where performances take place. Look out for food tents with grills using an outdoor gas griddle for tasty foods.

Barbecue foods are perfectly served at the festival during the hot summer months.

You’ll also find various goods such as clothing and handmade crafts. The celebrations also entail fireworks lit at night to light up the sky. And, no end live bands play music of different genres to suit many tastes.

Date: February 20-26

  • Las Posadas

Las Posadas celebrations are practiced countrywide every year between the 16th and 24th of December. They mark Christmas celebrations very year.

Nine evening celebrations are carried out in honor of Joseph and Mary’s struggle to find accommodation. The celebrations symbolize the nine months of Mary’s pregnancy.

Songs sung by children and adults are the activities enjoyed in this period. Not to forget treats and sweets that people enjoy while spellbound to the Lord’s stories.

Small villages in Mexico would be the most remarkable destinations to enjoy this festival as they give the best experience.

Date: 16-24 December

  • Son Jarocho Music Festival

The Son Jarocho festival is one of Mexico’s most intriguing festivals with an exclusive mixture of contemporary music and religion. The festival is usually carried out in Tlacotalpan town along the river Papaloapan.

Rumors have it that a reflection of the Virgin Mary was observed floating over the river once upon a time. This explains the reason why the celebrations of the vision are practiced annually in Tlacotalpan.

Besides, the festival has a variety of musicians who perform Veracruz music. Not to mention enticing types of Mexican dishes served here, from enchiladas to mouthwatering moles to spice up your diet.

Date: 8th February

  • Ollin Kan festival

Ollin Kan is a vibrant music festival that offers various music genres, including the likes of jazz and rock and tradition and modern music. The festival includes local and international artists who participate in the highly anticipated event for both performers and spectators.

There is plenty of cultural diversity as different countries take part in performing their music styles and plenty of dramatics and dancing with no depletion of energy.

This festival attracts many spectators who come to experience the variety of music that this festival offers free of charge.

Date: November

  • Guelaguetza Festival

This festival takes place annually in the last two Mondays of July in Oaxaca, whereby participants wear colorful outfits while performing traditional dances to uniting the local communities of Oaxaca.

Here, dancers often throw handmade gifts to the crowd as a form of offering, hence the name Guelaguetza, which means offering.

The event is performed in the Guelaguetza Auditorium, which offers a spectacular view of the city and has enough seating for thousands of people.

Date: 22nd- 27th July

  • Cinco de Mayo

The Cinco de Mayo is another festival practiced for years to mark the date Mexico achieved triumph over France in Puebla’s battle.

However, unlike in Mexico itself, this festival is more prevalent in the United States but remains a significant factor. Cultural and musical events are carried out within a week around this date.

Date: 5th May Whichever festival you choose, you’re bound to enjoy lots of fun, create memorable memories, and even buy some treats for yourself when you visit Mexico.