The Popularity of Tacos

Tacos are everywhere in the US today. But do you know that they only appeared about a century ago? Taco is only one of the things that the US got from Mexico. Over time, so many Mexican cultures and practices have infiltrated into to the cultures in the US and almost became like they were always part of the Americans.

We have witnessed the rise of most of the Mexican cultures in the US; the Mexican drinks and foods and the traditions have slowly joined the cuisines and traditions in the US. We are here to tell it all and walk with you into understanding the traditions and the food.

It took long for Mexican taco and other cultures to get to the US. For many centuries, Mexicans have always wrapped their tortilla around meat. It is not until refugees moved to the United States following the Mexican Revolution that the food moved to the US. Refugees from Northern Mexico brought in the taco (which was not called taco until the 1880s).

With the refugees starting Mexican restaurants and selling Mexican food, the locals in the United States started loving the meal. Later, in the 1920s, California became the first state to welcome tacos. The first tacos, called taquitos to mean rolled tacos, started selling fast.

It is the idea of authenticity that has driven the popularity of Mexican food and Mexican culture in the US. After tacos, the rise of Mexican restaurants saw more Mexican foods introduced into the American list of foreign cuisines.

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